Trinidad Celebrates 507th Anniversary of its Foundation

The ancient city of Trinidad, also known as the Museum City of the Caribbean, readies to celebrate a new aniversary of its foundation

Aerial view of the city of Trinidad. (Photo: Marius Jovaisa).

Trinidad, the third village founded in Cuba, will be son celebrating the 507th anniversary of its foundation, which will coincide with the 49th edition of the Culture Week set for January 10 to 16.

This year’s celebration will be dedicated to honor several institutions that give prestige to the city’s heritage, said Miguel Veitía Gómez, culture director in the municipality.

“Festivies will highlight to local legendary concert band, the 60th anniversary of Las Cuevas Orchestra, the 40th anniversary of the Municipal Museum of History and the work carried out by health workers in the fight against COVID-19”, Veitía said.

The major gala of the commemoration will be hosted by La Caridad Theater, which will be reopened after a comprehensive restoration. Festivities will allow limited audience in correspondence with the new normality phase currently in force in this territory.

(Source: Radio Trinidad Digital / Translation: Escambray)

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