The Communist Party is the Spinning Wheel of the Revolution

When delivering the closing speech of the 8th Congress of the Communit Party of Cuba, Díaz-Canel addressed the tasks and challenges of the organization in today’s context

Diaz-Canel: This congress marked the progressive transfer of the country’s major tasks to new generations of Cubans. (Photo: ACN).

The Communist Party is and must always be  the most revolutionary factor within the Revolution; it is the force that revolutionizes the Revolution, said Miguel Diaz-Canel, First Secretary of the political organization and Head of State during the closing session of the 8th Communist Party Congress.

Diaz-Canel described the event as historic, which marked the progressive transfer of the country’s major tasks to new generations of Cubans. An important cornerstone in recent Cuban political history defining the gathering as the Congress of Continuity, said the newly elected Party leader.


The Cuban President said that Raul has prepared and led the continuity process with tenacity, maturity, trust, altruism and modesty. He noted that he will consult Raul on strategic decisions for the country.

Raul is the best follower of Fidel Castro, though he has also contributed values to revolutionary ethics and government practice, said the Cuban president. He stressed the important conceptual and structural changes implemented by Raul Castro during his presidential term, including the improvement of the economic model, the settling of the country’s foreign debt, the new migration law and the expansion of self-employment.

He also mentioned the development of new norms for the agricultural sector, the setting up of the Mariel Special Development Zone, the elimination of hurdles hindering the performance of Cuban state companies, the computerization of society and other achievements.

Diaz-Canel also acknowledged the return home of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in US jails, a far-reaching diplomatic work, which included Cuba-US talks to reestablish diplomatic relations and Cuba’s pro-tempore chair of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.


The new Communist leader denounced the increasingly aggressive US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba especially over the past few years. He said no one can deny that the US siege is the main obstacle against the country’s development.

Diaz-Canel recalled that some 240 measures by the former US Donald Trump administration are still in force against his country, which were joined by the blacklisting of the island as a state sponsored of international

He also referred to ongoing subversive and ideologically intoxicating campaigns promoted by US-based agencies to discredit Cuba and to raise confusion over alleged internal contradictions.

The Cuban President said that despite the recent statement that Cuba is no priority for the US, there are laws like the Helms-Burton or Libertad Act and the Torricelli Law while hundreds of millions of dollars are used in attempts to subvert Cuba’s constitutional order.

Cubans wish to live in peace and to have relations with the United States such as the rest of the international community, he said.


The First Secretary of the Communist Party addressed the tasks and challenges of the organization in today’s context which demand constant innovation and to change all that needs to be changed preserving the principles.

The goals, he said, include the struggle for prosperity to prove that it’s worthy to defend socialism as a response to the necessity for a fairer, more equitable, balanced and inclusive world.

Unity is the main force to be defended without discriminating against anybody or harboring prejudices, dogmas that split the people. Success rests on our capacity to dialog with the people, encourage citizens and build values, aware that democracy becomes more socialist as it turns more participatory.


The Cuban leader said that the five-year term analyzed during the congress has shown no good results due to inefficiencies in the state-business sector and the budgeted areas, excessive expenses, weak control of resources plus structural problems.

However, Cuban economy has proven its capacity to resist and preserve social achievements and has given the world a lesson about how political will and humanistic vocation of the Revolution along with public policies can successfully face such complex problems like COVID 19.

It’s crucial to use savings, circular economy and boost the country’s
economic improvement and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development linked to necessary planning, decentralization and autonomy.

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