Teleworking Deserves Greater Opportunities in Sancti Spiritus

Despite the benefits of teleworking, some administrations in Sancti Spiritus still don’t understand the positive side of the practice

Architects are among the workers who can do their job from home.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

Teleworking, a work practice that has become popular worldwide after the social isolation imposed by COVID-19, is also being implemented in Sancti Spiritus since last year.

Despite the usefulness of this work alternative, some administrations still don’t understand the positive side of the new modality, said Yaiselín Quesada López, vice-director of emplyment at the Provincial Work Office.

In certain areas, workers have been requestes to work from home only during the peak of the pandemic, but one the territory goes back to normality, teleworking is reduced to a great extent, she added.

According to Quesada, managing boards should determine which are the jobs that can be perfomed from home and then arrange with the workers about their rights and duties. The high aging rates reported in this central Cuban territory is another aspect to be taken into consideration in this respect.  

Human resources specialists have insisted on the advantages of telecommuting for both administrations and workers, specially now when this province exhibits a complex edpidemiological situation due to the pandemic.

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