Sancti Spiritus’s Luminaria Publishing House Present on the Internet

The work of writers under Luminaria Publishing House of Sancti Spiritus is already available on the Internet

Members of the staff of Luminaria Publishing House. (Photo taken from Facebook).

Luminaria Publishing House based in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus is promoting the work of local writers on the Internet due to the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This reminds me of the times when we had to adapt ourselves to the high-speed digital printing system using the Japanese Risograph digital duplicator. Now we must take advantage of every possibility of the virtual scenario, said Luis Mateo, director of the publisher.

One of the challenges of the digital endeavour was met last month after the announcement of the Literary March celebration, a virtual festival inserted within the Cuban Book Institute’s Day and dedicated to beloved poet Sigfredo Ariel, who recently passed away.

Recording set from where writers address Internet users. (Photo: Arturo Delgado).

A small part of the publisher premises was restructured to serve as a recording set. The publisher’s logo in black and white on a white background is the only addition to the wooden chair that allows our writers to talk to Internet users about their proposals.

La franquicia de los verdugos, by Pedro Luis Rodríguez, Cuaderno de la España entrañable, by Ramón Luis Herrera and La jirafa Berta, by José Miguel Quintana Cañizares are some of the proposals already available on Facebook.

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