Sancti Spíritus: New Health Professionals Join Battle against COVID-19 Pandemic

Around 500 graduates from the University of Medical Sciences of Sancti Spiritus are already working in Primary Health Care centers and, especially, in the red zones

covid-19 vaccination ste in sancti spiritus, central cuba
New health professionals support the battle against the pandemic in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: Delia Prenza / Escambray).

Some 500 graduates from the University of Medical Sciences of Sancti Spíritus have joined the battle against the coronavirus pandemic in the different territories of this province.

Most of them are doctors (355) whose contribution have  reinforced the primary health care services, mainly in the family doctors’ offices and the  red zones of the different centers where patients infected with COVID-19 are admitted.

According to Provincial Health Director of Health, Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella, the new professionals are replacing those who have been transferred from the polyclinins and family doctors’ offices to work in the centers for positive and suspected persons.

Those who will go to the red zone, went through  a training course with emphasis on topics related to COVID-19 and the scenario in each of the municipalities where they will be working, added the doctor.

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