Sancti Spiritus: COVID-19 Scenario Remains Complex despite Decrease in Positive Cases

In Sancti Spiritus, 317 cases were reported yesterday, however, the infection curve in recent months has continued to rise

people waiting to be vaccinated
In the midst of the difficult epidemiological situation, the vaccination program has been carried out as planned in the municipality of Sancti Spíritus. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

The decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases included in the latest report in Sancti Spíritus does not mean that the epidemiological situation has improved.

A few elements are enough to support this statement: of the 317 cases confirmed at the end of the previous day, six are imported and 311 are autochthonous, meaning that the transmission of the disease is still happening. In addition, the cases are spread throughout the eight municipalities of the province.

The highest numbers were reported in the main municipality (Sancti Spiritus) with 1 77 patients, followed by Cabaiguán with 47 patients and La Sierpe with 27. The latter had historically reported few cases.

On the other hand, in Jatibonico —one of the province’s most complex territories during recent days— 24 people were diagnosed, followed in descending order by Trinidad with 18 and Yaguajay with 15.

The lowest numbers of the day were recorded in Taguasco and Fomento with five and four patients, respectively.

8 366 persons have been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the last fifteen days, according to Dr. Agnie Fernández, advisor to the Acute Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis Program. The incidence rate of confirmed cases in the province is 1 807.69 per 100 000 inhabitants and in seven of the eight municipalities this number also exceeds 1 000.

Another five people died of COVID-19, according to the official report of the Ministry of Public Health, two of whom lived in Trinidad, one in Cabaiguán, one in Sancti Spíritus and one in Yaguajay.

More than 890 outbreak controls are active in the province and, of the more than 1 500 people who were admitted yesterday to isolation centers, more than 700 were suspected of suffering from the disease.

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