Religious Organizations Urge U.S. Government to Lift Sanctions against Cuba

Representatives from religious and humanitarian organizations have requested Washington to lift sanctions imposed by Donald Trump

The text stresses that U.S. policy should not inflict harm or suffering on ordinary Cuban individuals and families.

Religious representatives from sixteen churches and humanitarian organizations sent a letter to the U.S. government asking for the end of the still in force sanctions imposed by former president Donald Trump, all of which affect Cuban people and their families.

The message was addressed to the Secretaries of State and the Treasury, the two governmental structures in charge of implementing and controlling the irrational siege policy against the Caribbean nation.

The letter specifies that the U.S. policy should not inflict harm or suffering on ordinary Cuban individuals and families and that there are some administrative and regulatory changes that could improve food security, livelihoods, and economic growth in the island.

The text also highlights that the economic sanctions, which have been amplified by the COVID-19-related economic downturn, contribute to a severe shortage of basic items, including food, hygiene items, and medicines.

The signatories of the letter —The Episcopal Church, National Council of Churches, Presbyterian Church (USA), The United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries, among others—, called U.S. President Joe Biden to first of all end the embargo against Cuba and to also restore the Cuban Assets Control Regulations and the Export Administration Regulations to their status on January 20, 2017, and lift the State Sponsors of Terrorism designation.

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