Grupo de Puebla Warns of Coup Attempts in Peru

Members of the Puebla Group has warned about the possibility of coup against Peruvian President Pedro Castillo

puebla group
According to the group, the opposition seeks to achieve an environment of political instability in Perú.

The Puebla Group (el Grupo de Puebla) warned on Tuesday that right-wing political sectors in Peru, as well as sectors of the Army, are creating the scenario for a coup attempt against the nation’s president, Pedro Castillo.

The group formed by 52 Latin American leaders affirmed that the opposition seeks to achieve an environment of political instability, propitious for a coup d’état, which would plunge the country into a deep crisis.

“The rupture of the political stability achieved in the last elections would have profound impacts on the reactivation of the economy and the reconstruction of the social fabric after the pandemic,” according to the Grupo de Puebla.

On the other hand, they took advantage of the proclamation to denounce the fact before the international community, which they called to be attentive to the situation.

“The Group is confident that the Peruvian people will defend their democracy and the initiatives for change of the progressive forces, because they know that Peru needs a profound change that could be legitimized through a constituent process,” the progressive regional group asserted. Since Castillo’s electoral triumph, the siege has not stopped.  Last August 1st, a group of demonstrators arrived only a block away from the president’s residence, chanting racist slogans of hatred against the constitutionally-elected leader.

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