Díaz-Canel recognizes Cuba’s resistance

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel recognized the resilience and creativity of the people in a difficult year during a ceremony marking the 63rd anniversary of the Revolution.

Miguel Díaz-Canel. Estudios Revolución
Miguel Díaz-Canel. Estudios Revolución

On the occasion of the date, to be celebrated on January 1, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba described 2021 as a challenging year of learning and regrettable losses.

However, he added, it has been a period where resistance, creativity, and convictions have allowed us to overcome aggressions, he said at the cultural event that brought together workers of the Central Committee of the Party in Havana.

The meeting also recognized the  Party, which renewed its leadership with Díaz-Canel at the helm this year.

In April 2021, during its 8th Congress, the organization analyzed core issues such as the legislative development from the new Constitution’s proclamation, the cadres’ policy, ideological work, and the fight against subversion.

The meeting gathered 300 delegates in three commissions to analyze the economic and social results achieved since the celebration of the 7th Congress to date.

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