Cuba to Retake In-Person Classes As Student Groups Get Vaccinated

Students will be vaccinated according to a three-group schedule. By November 15, the entire pediatric population of the island will be vaccinated against COVID-19

pre-university students
Pre-university students are among the ones included in the first immunization group. (Photo: Taken from Cubadebate).

Cuba will restart face-to-face classes in a staggered manner according to the vaccination progress against Covid-19 of students in pediatric ages, the Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velázquez, informed.

A total of three groups of students will receive the immunogens on different dates until the end of next November 15.

This means that by that time, the entire pediatric population of the island will be vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the television program Mesa Redonda.

The first group is made up of students in twelfth grade (last year of high school), third and fourth year of pedagogical training, and third year of technical and professional education.

According to the Minister, after the vaccination, they will start classes on October 4 until February 19, and then they will start the 2021-2022 school year on February 21 until November.

In the second group, children between 12 and 18 years of age will be immunized and those in the sixth grade (elementary school) even if they have not reached the age of 12.

These children will resume classes on November 8, and the new school year will begin for them on March 7, the head of the program informed.

The third group is made up of primary education students, from preschool through fifth grade, who will return to the classroom this November 15 and will begin the 2021-2022 school year on March 14.

As of September 6, and while the vaccination process progresses, they will receive televised teaching activities that will prioritize the review of contents, she emphasized.

The Minister informed that more than 7,000 educational centers are ready for face-to-face classes.

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