Cuba President Urges for Extreme Care against COVID-19

Miguel Díaz-Canel calls Cuban people to extreme protection measures against COVID-19

Cuba continues to report highnumbers of people infected with the novel coronavirus. (Photo: PL).

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel urged on Thursday to take extreme care in the face of the spread of COVID-19 in the Caribbean nation.

‘The COVID19 continues to claim lives, health, and resources. The contagion curve is not flattening. I ask everyone, maximum care, physical distancing, and permanent cleanliness’, the President wrote on Twitter.

‘Only together we can overcome this bad streak”, he wrote.

On Wednesday, together with other high authorities, the head of State led the daily analysis of the epidemiological situation. At the meeting, he urged to attend to the sick until their full recovery.

Public Health Minister José Ángel Portal briefed participants on the behavior of the positive cases and stressed that the greatest spread is found in the provinces of Havana and Artemisa, in the west, and in Sancti Spíritus (center).

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