Cuba Develops Emergency Respirators for Post-Surgical Recovery

Cuba develops machine for emergency mechanical ventilation in adult patients

cuban mechanical ventilators
cuban mechanical ventilators

The Neuroscience Center of Cuba (CNEURO) has developed an emergency respirator, named Pcuvente, to be used in post-surgical recovery wards.

The machine provides emergency mechanical ventilation in adult patients, and takes advantage of the easy use of its manual resuscitation bags designed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

According to CNEURO’s engineer Ernesto Velarde, Pcuvente was designed to provide emergency ventilation for periods no longer than 24 hours. The unit can be of great help in intensive care units, recovery rooms and during transport in or out of a hospital, he added.

The expert stressed that with a manufacturing plan of 250 respirators, this equipment will allow Cuba to treat patients who require controlled or assisted ventilation.

(Source: PL) 

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