COVID-19 in Cuba: Scientists Warn about Consequences

Cuba scientists call people to avoid infection with SARS-COV-2, taking into consideration the after-effects of the pandemic

cuba vaccine candidate against covid-19
Cuba has so far developed four vaccine candidates for the treatment
of COVID-19. (Photo: BioCubaFarma).

While the vaccine appears, it is necessary to avoid infection with SARS-COV-2. The reality is said and repeated over and over again, but we must continue insisting: COVID-19 leaves after-effects, some of which require specialized medical treatment to achieve the patient’s recovery and increase his or her quality of life.

This affirmation was expressed by Cuban scientists in the meeting carried out by the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, at the beginning of the week, with the scientists and experts who participate in the activities of science and technological innovation in the face of the novel coronavirus.

Cuba Reports 201 New Cases of COVID-19

According to studies concluded in the country, from the psychological alterations, the most frequent are anxiety, depression and adaptation disorders; on the other hand, asthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome and muscular pains are the most frequent somatic manifestations.

In studies carried out, discoveries were observed when doing the CAT scan in more than 70% in convalescent patients without clinical manifestation. And the main short-term consequence in severe and critical patients is lung damage, followed by renal and cardiovascular damage. In a recovering patient, moreover, a subclinical inflammatory state related to severity persists.

Cuba is using autologous stem cell treatment of lung injuries in recovered patients. Among the main results, it is important to highlight that eight out of ten patients treated decreased lung injuries, there was a radiological improvement with a 47% decrease in POST-COVID lung injuries, and there was an improvement in respiratory functional tests.

Besides, Biomodulin t is applied to more than 12,000 people over 60 years old. No elderly person treated preventively died due to COVID-19; it allowed the decrease of acute respiratory affections (ARI) in this group, and the reduction of mortality by 15% due to ARI compared to 2019.

Cuba announced the beginning of a study aimed at applying Nasalferon treatment to international travelers and their relatives living in Havana, for its later application in the rest of the country,’ the experts concluded.

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