Baseball Bats Made in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

An agroforestry company and a non-state worker join forces to manufacture baseball bats in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba

The baseball bats have the required quality and comply with the size and weight. (Photo: José Luis Camellón / Escambray).

Thanks to the association between the Agroforestry Company and a self-employed worker, the province of Sancti Spiritus has started to manufacture baseball bats.

This is the first time that a serial production between this company and a non-state worker takes place in this territory which will allow 1,500 of such bats for the practice of this sport in this province this year.

The company, main promoter of the initiative, found in the 27-year-old Iván Carballo Pérez, from the community of Santa Lucía, municipality of Cabaiguán, an enterprising carpenter willing to use his instruments and and talent in the making of a sport ítem that is highly demanded in the country.

The first 25 baseball bats made in Sancti Spirits were already delivered to local sports authorities.

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