Anti-COVID Vaccination Extended to Four Municipalities in Sancti Spiritus

The Cuban Abdala vaccine is already being administered to citizens from four municipalities of Sancti Spiritus. Risk groups people are the priority in those territories

Over 2 million Cubans have received anti-COVID-19 booster doses
Over 2 million Cubans have received anti-COVID-19 booster doses

People from risk groups are already being vaccinated in the municipalities of Cabaiguán, Jatibonico, Taguasco and Fomento, the four territories to where the immunization program with Abdala has been extended in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

According to Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella, provincial health director, the immunization includes people over 60 years of age and those aged 19 to 59 who have heart disease, diabetes or are morbidly obese.

In order to carry out this process, several vaccination sites have been set up with the corresponding  biosecurity conditions in health facilities, educational institutions and work centers, he added.

The immunization scheme with Abdala —the first anti-COVID-19 vaccine produced and developed in Latin America and the Caribbean— consists of three doses: a first one, a second one 14 days after and the last one after 28 days of the initial dose.

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