8th Cuban Communist Party Congress: Participants Hold Debates in Commissions

Delegates to the 8th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party Congress continue today with the discussion of key issues related with the economic and social policy of the Party and the Revolution

The cadres’ policy is considered a strategic matter for the country, said Díaz-Canel in the commission analyzing such topic. (Photo: ACN).

The social-economic situation, the functioning of the Party and the ideological work, and cadres’ policy are the focus of delegates analysis this Saturday. at the 8th Party Congress in the Cuban capital.

During the first debates of the commissions, on Friday, participants analyzed the advances and challenges in implementing the cadres policy and the Guidelines of the economic and social policy of the Party and the Revolution, the Party’s ideological work and functioning, and the confrontation of subversion.

In the inaugural session, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Party, presented the Main Report, which made a deep analysis of the fundamental tasks undertaken by the Party members in the last five years and the primary work projections ahead.

The document addresses the results in the face of the pandemic, the implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, the updating of the conceptualization of the economic and social model, and the Party’s leading role as the superior force of society and the State.

It also highlighted the confrontation of the world crisis caused by COVID-19, the resistance of the Cuban people to the intensification of the U.S. blockade, the defense of the country, the ideological work, the policy of cadres and the international projection of the country.

In his speech, the Army General ratified that the country’s leadership was handed over to prepared leaders, continuators of the independence fighters of the 19th century.

The 8th Congress is being held in the context of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Victory, which will be commemorated on Monday, April 19, the day on which the meeting will conclude.

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