When Cuba Mobilized to Save Passengers and Crew on the MS Braemar (+photos)

This is the story of a historic humanitarian effort to save the lives of people who were at risk due to COVID-19

Passengers and crew members expressed their deepest gratitude towards the Cuban government
and people. (Photo: Ricardo López Hevia).

Yesterday, March 18th, Cuba mobilized to transport passengers and crew members on the cruise ship MS Braemar, from Havana’s Port of Mariel, to José Martí International Airport, following all recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding Covid-19.

Four charter flights arranged by the British authorities transported them directly back to the city of London.

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Antony Stokes, British ambassador to Havana, thanked the support of Cuba for allowing the MS Braemar cruise ship to dock and transfer its passengers to the airport.

For its part, London’s Independent said this Wednesday that the Caribbean island authorities’ decision was a “true sign of global solidarity”. (Source: Granma / ACN). (Photos: Ricardo López Hevvia).

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