Sancti Spiritus Students Reject Act of Vandalism against José Martí

Students and workers from Sancti Spiritus payed tribute to youth communist leader Julio A. Mella and to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti

Pastor Guzman

cuban national hero jose marti
The Cuban people care very much for its historic legacy.

Students and workers of the Julio Antonio Mella Primary School of Sancti Spiritus gathered on Friday to pay tribute to communist youth leader Julio Antonio Mella on the 91st anniversary of his murder and to show their strong rejection towards the vandalization of Jose Martí’s busts in Havana.

Cuba pays permanent tribute to its heroes and martyrs and does not accept that immoral people attack the most sacred of its tangible and intangible heritage.

When delivering the closing speech of the ceremony,  Eddy Fidel Gómez Palmero, a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Youth Communist League (UJC) in Sancti Spíritus, recalled the life of the unforgettable student leader and leftist politician who turned into an outstanding flag for our people.

The commemorative event was also atended by Yadira Díaz Chinea, first secretary of the UJC in Sancti Spiritus; Duany Hernández Pérez, president of the José Martí Pioneer Organization in the province, and Yanetsy Berroa Muñoz, director of Education in the municipality.

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