Sancti Spiritus Reinforces Measures to Contain COVID-19 Expansion

New provisions were announced on Wednesday including restriction of movement in several areas, and limitation of public and private transport, among others

Dayamis Sotolongo

Plazoleta-Hanoi-Sancti Spiritus-Cuba
People movement have been restricted during the last few hours in several areas of the city. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso / Escambray).

The Municipal Defense Council (CDM, in Spanish) of Sancti Spiritus announced a group of new measures taking into consideration the presence of COVID-19 cases in the six urban districts of this central Cuban city.

According to information provided by local government and health authorities, the movement of persons have been limited in areas such as Plazoleta Hanoi, Jesús María, Camino de Las Cañas, and Los Olivos, among others.

The CDM’s Vice-President Alexis Lorente Jiménez said that as of October 1st movement will be also restricted to and from the province’s major municipality (Sancti Spiritus) while passenger capacity in urban buses will be reduced to 50%. On the other hand, people won’t be allowed to be out in the streets from 7:00PM to 5:00AM, funeral vigils will be authorized for only two hours, workers with respiratory symptoms won’t be accepted while non-presential work will be boosted, he added.

The readjustment of educational programs in order to close the school year as soon as possible without violating any of the processes is another of the decisions announced by the CDM.

Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella, provincial director of health, said that above mentioned provisions have been intensified during the last days due to the complex epidemiological situation of this municipality, which reports the largest number of cases confirmed with SARS-CoV-2 in the province.

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