People’s Movements, Organizations Together in Anti-Imperialist Week

The event is aimed at denouncing problems of humanity and building a better world

anti-imperialist week
People do not renounce the possibility of a better future. (Photo taken from
anti-imperialist week
People do not renounce the possibility of a better future.
(Photo taken from

Organizations, political parties, international networks and world personalities convene from today until October 10 an anti-imperialist week with the aim of denouncing problems of humanity and building a better world.

We will build a future that treasures life before profit, a future of brotherhood between peoples, says in one of its parts the Manifesto for the Future, released on this day’s occasion.

‘Humanity is threatened by an invisible virus’ that spreads, says the text in reference to the Covid-19 pandemic and adds that for a long time ‘other viruses’ have challenged us such as unemployment, hunger, racism, patriarchy, inequality and war.

The document denounces these problems are present in different ways on the planet and strongly attack the lives of workers and peasants, and of those who experience the impact of social inequality, while a minority are the beneficiaries.

Regarding the current crisis, it argues that the capitalist system has no answers since ‘its policies are hollow’ and instead of feeding and sheltering, they use the vast machines of destruction such as the police and military forces against the workers and the peasantry.

If a poor country tries to stand up, seeks to exercise its sovereignty, a whole arsenal of power is used against it’ (financial, diplomatic and military). They dominate us with weapons, but also with ideas, the document denounces.

The Manifesto for the Future states that it is easier for capitalists to provoke wars than to fill the stomach of human beings with food and recognizes that ‘this is a failed system.’

The signatories assure that, despite the complex situation, the majority of the planet’s inhabitants did not renounce the possibility of a better future, ‘beyond profits and privileges’ of capitalism and imperialism.

The Manifesto proposes to build a future where brotherhood between peoples prevails, life instead of profits and racist wars, while social hierarchies are abolished.

The document is signed by organizations such as ALBA Movement, World March of Women, São Paulo Forum, Tunisian Workers’ Party, Cuban Workers’ Federation, Communist Party of Nepal, Democratic Movement of Women, among others.

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