Health Services Gradually Restored in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

During the second post COVID-19 recovery phase, sanitary facilities increase their activity by up to 75 percent. Door-to-door survey is maintained as well as all the measures implemented to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus

Dayamis Sotolongo

primary health services, sancti spiritus, cuba
Services will be reopened without neglecting any of the measures adopted to prevent new infections. (Delia Proenza / Escambray).

The medical services that were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic are already being reopened in Sancti Spiritus without neglecting the corresponding measures to prevent new infections with the disease.

In line with the beginning of the post-pandemic phase two, health institutions will restart up to 75 percent of their services, which implies, for example, the reopening of outpatient consultations for only that percentage of the persons with appointments.

In every health facility, the distance between people will be controlled while visits to hospitalized patients are still prohibited, said Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella, health director in this central Cuban province.

Services are also reopening in the different polyclinics of the territory and the door-to-door surveys will continue to be carried out by health workers and medical students.

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