Cuban Parliamentarians Meet in Virtual Sessions

Cuba Parliament members are holding meetings prior to the 5th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of the People’s Power set for October 28

session of Cuba parliament
session of Cuba parliament
On Tuesday, parliamentarians will be briefed on the pandemic and the performance
of the economy. (Photo taken from

The confrontation with the Covid-19 and aspects of the national economy’s performance are at the center of the agenda of the Cuban Parliament.

The legislative body is meeting virtually on Tuesday in a day of work before the ordinary session.

The deputies will also learn about aspects of the Ordering Task related to the wage and price reform and the elimination of the monetary and exchange duality, among other issues that impact the country’s economic and social development plans.

The island has two currencies in circulation (CUC and CUP), which have different exchange rates in their daily use and to foreign currencies. This generates distortions in the business sector and how the population interacts with them; hence it is a priority issue.

Lawmakers will receive information on how Cuba is preparing to assume this transformation, which will serve as a prelude to the debate on the country’s strategy to face the global crisis and promote development.

This topic is part of the discussion of the 5th ordinary session of the Parliament in its 9th legislature, to be held on October 28, along with others such as the liquidation of the 2019 budget.

The legislators will also consider the approval of four bills related to the organization of the functioning of the State and the Government, following the current Constitution.

On Monday, the modifications introduced to the bills regarding the foreign service, the Council of Ministers’ functioning, the President and Vice President of the Republic, and the revocation of those elected to the People’s Power’s organs were considered.

This process resulted from the intervention of the deputies in a previous day of analysis and of the citizens’ proposals.

Likewise, 20 new deputies were sworn on Monday. They will take office on October 28.

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