Cuban Council of State Passed New Laws

Cuba President Miguel Díaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz participated in the virtual meeting

cuba council of state
The member of the Coucil of State passed three new decre-laws. (Photo: Tony Hernández).
cuba council of state
The member of the Coucil of State passed three new decre-laws. (Photo: Tony Hernández).

Chaired by Esteban Lazo and with the participation of Miguel Díaz-Canel, president of the Republic, and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, the Cuban Council of State met by videoconference on Thursday.

According to the website of the Cuban parliament and based on information provided by the Ministry of Public Health, the current situation of the confrontation with Covid-19 and compliance with the approved measures were analyzed.

In this regard, deputy Cristina Luna Morales, president of the Health and Sports Commission of the National Assembly, recognized the effort being made with the purpose of eradicating the disease, the need to comply with the guidelines and the potentialities that still remain to be exploited to minimize the effects of the pandemic in the country.

In addition, in compliance with its Legislative Schedule, the council passed the following decree-laws:

• Decree-Law “On the Pledge and the Mortgage”, with the aim, among other issues, of promoting the use of the pledge as a guarantee of compliance with obligations, and expanding the use of the real estate mortgage in economic sectors and activities.
• Decree-Law “On the Guarantee Trust”, on the use of this tool to attract financing and promote the economic and social development of the country.
• Decree-Law “On International Cooperation” which establishes the regulations related to the cooperation that Cuba offers and receives in the civil sector, as well as its control and supervision.

The meeting recognized how the State Council, despite the current circumstances, has maintained its legislative activity, in order to comply with the schedule approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power in what corresponds to this body.

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