Cuban Airports Certified to Resume International Operations

Ten Cuban airports are so far certified to receive international flights

varadero airport
Varadero International Airport. (Photo: Bárbara Vasallo).
varadero airport
Varadero International Airport. (Photo: Bárbara Vasallo).

Several Cuban airports have received the necessary certification to reopen international air travel.

A national commission of experts from the ministries of Public Health, Tourism, and Transportation, as well as the Civil Aviation Institute, and the Cubana de Aviacion Corporation conducted the accreditation, according to the economic weekly “Opciones.”

After demonstrating compliance with biosecurity protocols for flights to and from international destinations, ten Cuban terminals received the accreditation.

Verifications included their application of the measures for the prevention and control of COVID-19, including passenger temperature checks upon arrival and departure, physical distancing, and hand disinfection.

Also, the experts verified adherence to health guidelines throughout the airport and staff attention to and knowledge of biosafety protocols.

Cuba closed its borders in April after the virus was first detected in the country. This closure led to a drastic drop in international tourism in Cuba, but the government is now reopening hotels and other tourism facilities for foreign visitors.

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