Cuba Reports 30 New Cases of COVID-19, Totaling 350

One death was reported on Sunday. A 38-male patient from Havana, bringing to 9 the death toll of the disease in Cuba

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COVID-19 has been already declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As of Sunday, Cuba reported 30 new cases of COVID-19, bringing to 350 the number of people diagnosed with the disease on the island.

Of the confirmed cases one was a foreign national from Tanzania.

Twenty-nine were Cuban nationals, most traced to contacts with foreigners, Cubans who had traveled abroad or other known cases. The sources of two nationals could not be traced.

Updating media outlets on developments of the new coronavirus in Cuba, the head of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public health, Dr.  Francisco Duran, said that 1718 patients are hospitalized, of them, 225 are in observation, 1772 are suspected of carrying the disease and 321 are confirmed cases. 305 are reported in stable, 8 in critical, and 4 in serious condition.

One death was reported on Sunday.  A 38-male patient from Havana, bringing to 9 the death toll of the disease in Cuba.

At the community level, the primary health care system is keeping in observation 18,434 people. They are at their homes under a restriction of movements and visits undergoing daily check-ups by health personnel.

Doctor Duran reported that one additional laboratory had been added to the three that are conducting the PCR tests for the diagnosis of the disease in Havana, Santa Clara in Central Cuba and Santiago de Cuba in the eastern at of the country. The Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center in Havana has joined.

Since the first case of the disease was diagnosed on March 11, Cuba reports 350 COVID-19 cases, 9 deaths, 15 people recovered, and 2 evacuations.

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