Cuba Reports 20 New Cases of COVID-19 over the Past 24 Hours

With these 20 new cases, COVID-19 patients total 1,389 across the island

The 20 new confirmed cases were Cubans
The 20 new confirmed cases were Cubans

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) announced Monday the detection of 20 new positive cases for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, totaling 1,389 confirmed cases of the pathogen in the country, of which 56 have died and 525 have been medically discharged.

Out of the 1,389 patients diagnosed, 806 remain as active cases, and of them, 794 show stable clinical evolution; 56 died (two on Sunday), two were evacuated and 525 were discharged (24 more on Sunday); six patients are in critical condition and six in severe condition. 

At the close of April 26, 3,546 patients are in hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. Another 5,556 people are being observed in their homes by the Primary Health Care.

For COVID-19, 1,823 samples were studied. The country has gathered 41,651samples with 1,389 positives (3.3%).

The 20 new confirmed cases were Cubans. Of these, 19 (95%) were contacts of confirmed cases and in one (5%) the source of infection was not specified.

Among the 20 diagnosed cases, nine (45%) were female and 11 (55%) were male. The most affected age groups were: under 40 years old with 10 cases (50.0%), followed by the 40 to 60 years old group with nine (45%). Sixty-five percent (13) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.

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