Cuba President Highlights Achievements of Cuban Health System

Cuban News Agency

cuban health professionals
Cuba has been promoting scientific research, cooperation and teaching for many years, Díaz-Canel said on Twitter. (Photo: ACN).

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel reaffirmed today that his country has been expanding health care, preventive vaccination and the training program for doctors, nurses and health technologists for decades.

He stressed on Twitter that the Caribbean island has been promoting scientific research, cooperation and teaching for many years.

According to official sources, Cuba has nine doctors per thousand inhabitants and has 84,000 nurses, 449 polyclinics and 150 hospitals, with which it guarantees a full and free health service.

In addition, it has prominent scientists and prestigious research centers, whose work is in accordance with the needs of the country and in order to promote its development.

Cuban scientists are currently developing 12 clinical studies, three population interventions, and eight basic and applied basic investigations, as part of the confrontation with COVID-19.

Cuba’s main strengths in the battle against COVID-19 include having a solid health system, Bruno Rodriguez, Cuban Foreign Minister, recently noted.

Rodriguez stressed that this health system is universal, free, of quality, focused on prevention, structured from the primary level and with trained professionals committed to their people.

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