Cuba Parliamentarians Meet in 6th Ordinary Session

Radio Havana Cuba

meeting of cuba parliamentarians
During today’s session, Cuban lawmakers will assess scientific contributions to fighting Covid-19. (Photo taken from

The members of the Cuban National Assembly of the People’s Power (Parliament) will hold since Wednesday the sixth ordinary session of the 9th Legislature of that body

Cuban deputies will know first-hand about the contributions of science in the confrontation with the Covid-19, against which the island’s scientific community is preparing four vaccination candidates.

The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) will present a report on the island’s scientific institutions’ participation to face the pandemic. Since the beginning of the island’s epidemic in March, 9,588 people have tested positive for the disease, 8,592 have recovered, and 137 have died.

Cuba is among the countries with the best results in the fight against the disease in the hemisphere.

For this achievement,  it has adopted policies, assistance protocols, and produced new medicines, among other results with a high scientific component.

This subject will mark the beginning of the sixth ordinary session of the 9th  Legislature of the National Assembly of the People’s Power, the Cuban unicameral Parliament, which is meeting virtually.

On the same day, lawmakers will debate a report from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, which will report on the improvement of its work.

On Tuesday, the legislative body’s committees debated the level of response to the population’s demands. They also discussed the insufficiencies, achievements, and goals in need to reduce the imports that today diminish the tourist industry’s profits, one of the main sources of the Cuban economy’s foreign currency income.

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