Cuba Identifies Three New COVID-19 Positive Cases

For two consecutive days, only three persons have tested positive to the novel coronavirus in the island

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Cuba reports new 619 cases of Covid-19
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2,069 samples were analized all over Cuba, resulting in 3 positive cases.

Cuba studied 2,069 samples resulting in 3 positive cases. The country accumulates 153,233 samples and 2,315 positive ones (1.5%).

By the close of June 21; 240 patients were in hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. Another 327 people are being monitored in their homes, from the Primary Health Care.

The 3 confirmed cases were Cubans and all of them were contacts of
previously confirmed cases. Two of them were men and the other one was a woman and they all live in Havana.

The most affected age group was that of people between 20-40 years old with 2 cases and all the new positives were asymptomatic.

Only 115 of the patients infected with the virus in Cuba remain admitted and 114 (99.1%) of them show stable clinical evolutions.

The amount of deaths reaches 85 (none yesterday), there have been two evacuated and 2,113 discharges (91.4%) (10 yesterday) and there is one patient in critical condition.

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