Cuba Health Minister Attends Virtual 73rd World Health Assembly


cuban health minister during world health assembly
Cuba Health Minister Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda, during the 73rd World Health Assembly. (Photo: MINSAP).

Dear General Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; Distinguished Ministers of Health, COVID-19 is a global challenge, which does not distinguish borders, ideologies or levels of development, testing health systems around the world and our ability to respond to epidemic events.

When the first cases were diagnosed in Cuba, on March11, steps were already being taken as indicated in our National Plan, developed in line with protocols and good practices established by the World Health Organization. Daily monitoring has made it possible to strengthen epidemiological surveillance, guarantee early diagnoses and timely treatment of the disease in our country.

The plan’s implementation is supported by a free, resilient health system, with 9.0 doctors per thousand inhabitants, that provides the population 100% coverage; and by a medical-pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry providing innovative products for the treatment of the disease such as interferon alpha 2B, monoclonal antibodies, CIGB 258 peptide and Surfacen. Thanks to this, the country is currently experiencing a favorable evolution of the pandemic.

Without ever neglecting the responsibility to protect our people, we have not abandoned the Cuban Revolution’s vocation for solidarity. More than 2,300 collaborators, organized in 26 medical brigades from the Henry Reeve Contingent, contribute today in the battle against this disease in 24 countries – in addition, to the more than 28,000 Cuban health professionals in 59 countries.

Neither the genocidal blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States government, which has been cruelly intensified, nor attempts by that country’s administration to discredit and hinder Cuba’s international medical cooperation, have been able to prevent this gesture of solidarity.

No single country can face this pandemic alone; a global response is required, based on unity, solidarity and renewed multilateral cooperation.

Cuba reiterates, to the WHO and its member states, our willingness to cooperate and share our modest experiences.

Thank you very much.

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