Cuba Gets Baseball Bats from Canadian Solidarity Group

The Canadian Network of Solidarity with Cuba donates 800 baseball bats to support the celebration on national series in the island

Cuban Hero Gerardo Hernández holding one of the baseball bats donated from Canada. (Photo taken from PL).

Cuban baseball has reiterated its gratitude to Bill Ryan and the Canadian Network of Solidarity with Cuba after the National Coordinator of the CDRs, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, symbolically handed over one of the 800 bats sent by the Canadian solidarity group.

Baseball Commissioner Ernesto Reinoso thanked the group during the weekly exchange of sports authorities with the media, where the Hero of the Republic of Cuba highlighted the commitment of those who are committed to supply these sports implements.

Gerardo Hernández noted that such work gives continuity to the work started by Bill Ryan when he and four other Cuban fighters against terrorism were serving unjust sentences in U.S. prisons, and praised the persistence of that friend, who makes them personally.

He explained that the promoters of the donation know what it means as support to the decision of celebrating the National Series amid great efforts conditioned by the increase of the blockade and the limitations imposed by the COVID-19, and he was pleased with the acceptance of the bats, coined as CubaCan.

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