Cuba Announces Measures for Post-COVID19 Phases

Detailed information was provided on the measures concerning labor, social security, finance and prices for the first three phases of the recovery process

cuban ministry of laboour an socual security
Marta Feitó Cabrera said that workers will be gradually reincorporated to their posts since the first phase. (Photo: Estudios Revolución).
cuban ministry of laboour an socual security
Marta Feitó Cabrera said that workers will be gradually reincorporated to their posts
since the first phase. (Photo: Estudios Revolución).

Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera and Meisi Bolaños Weiss, heads of the Ministries of Labor and Social Security and of Finance and Prices, respectively, appeared at the Mesa Redonda to report on the measures to be implemented by these agencies in the post-COVID-19 recovery phase.

Feitó Cabrera explained that once the first phase is decreed, the incorporation of workers to their posts will begin gradually and in a regulated manner, for which measures are already being taken by the administrations of each center.

As for the measures that will be maintained in the three phases:

-Maintain payment by results in the business sector and when this is not possible, payment of the basic salary will be adopted.

-Workers in the business system who work in entities that are used as isolation centers for epidemiological surveillance receive the average wage calculated in accordance with the provisions of current labour legislation.

-Workers who are prevented from attending work because they are kept in epidemiological surveillance receive one hundred percent of the basic wage for the duration of the isolation.

-The extension of unpaid leave to the mother who is on complementary maternity leave is maintained, and when it expires it is impossible for her to join because she has no other family member to care for her child and the granting of the child’s circle has been postponed.

-It is maintained that a worker who is abroad for personal reasons and whose unpaid leave expires due to travel restrictions may extend the duration of the leave until his return. To do so, they must personally notify their administration of their intention to return to their post.

-Maintain the stimulation payment of 250 pesos per month to the integral health service assistants and laundry equipment operators while the pandemic continues to be confronted.

-The activities of self-employed workers whose level of activity decreases but who continue to provide services, the employer must guarantee to the hired workers a remuneration in proportion to the actual time worked, which cannot be less than the minimum wage of the country, as provided in Law No. 116, Labor Code.

-In cases where the holder of an activity is abroad and cannot return to the country on the date foreseen by the measures decreed by other nations, the designated contracted worker may continue to perform his duties until the holder is reinstated.

With regard to the provisions of social assistance:

-Maintain a decentralized approval of the exceptional temporary monetary benefits of the Social Assistance that are currently approved in the MTSS to the municipal Labor Directorates, for the protection of the family nuclei where income insufficiencies are verified.

-Social workers will maintain differentiated attention to the most vulnerable family nuclei, particularly the disabled and elderly living alone, to provide information on measures for the prevention of the coronavirus, evaluate the problems identified and process the solution with the competent authority.

In the area of social assistance, it will be implemented only during the first phase:

-Maintain the extension for a period of six months, of the term of validity of the age pensions approved on a temporary basis, granted under Special Provision Five of Law No. 105 of 2008 on Social Security.

-Maintain the extension of the term of validity of the temporary monetary benefits of the Social Assistance for a period of six months from its expiration, for the family nuclei that currently receive it, without subject to its updating and ratification in the provinces and the MTSS.

-The procedures are maintained only for pensions due to the death of the worker and the loss or deterioration of the coupon or checkbook.

-The processing of age and disability pensions is postponed for 60 days, as are claims for disagreements with the decisions of the directors of the Ministry of Social Development.

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