COVID-19 Population Study Begins in Sancti Spiritus

The population-based research, being carried out all over Cuba, has been started in the municipalities of Sancti Spiritus and Jatibonico to identify persons asymptomatic to the novel coronavirus

Dayamis Sotolongo

covid tests underway in sancti spiritus, cuba
The people to be studied were randomly selected throughout the country.
(Photo: Oscar Salabarría).

More than a hundred people will undergo the COVID-19 population study already started in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus aimed at identifying possible infection in persons who are asymptomatic.

According to Provincial Health Director Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella, the nasopharyngeal samples are being collected in health areas from the municipalities of Sancti Spiritus and Jatibonico. The people to be studied were randomly selected throughout the country, he added.

The investigation is carried out by health personnel previously trained in the treatment of COVID-19. In addition to the nasopharyngeal exudate, the persons included in the study must answer questions from a questionnaire which includes personal data, information on the area of residence, virus exposure and the medical history in case of suffering from any illness.

Due to the highly transmissible characteristics of the novel coronavirus, the seeks, according to experts, to identify anyone who may be infected in the community, thus providing further protection for the population.

To date, 68 SARS-CoV-2 positive cases have been confirmed in Sancti Spiritus.

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