COVID-19 Infection On the Rise in Cuba

New measures have been announced in Havana to reinforce the fight against the pandemic

Cuban News Agency

covid 19 in cuba
Transmission has been growing in the western region, especially in Havana. (Photo: Roberto Suárez).

The Cuban health ministry reported 60 new positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus that causes COVID-19, for a total of 3,866 in the country.

By the close of Aug 25; 1,601 patients remain in hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance while many other people are being monitored in their homes by the Primary Health Care.

All the new cases are Cubans, 40 of them are contacts of previously confirmed cases, 17 of them were infected abroad and the source of infection was not yet identified in the 3 others, while 41 patients were asymptomatic when tested.

550 patients remain admitted in hospitals as confirmed cases, 527 of them show a stable clinical evolution and there are 18 in serious and 5 in critical conditions; Cuba totals 92 deaths (none yesterday), two evacuees and 3,195 discharges (27 yesterday).

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