Climate Activists Ask Biden Quick Action on Climate Crisis

US climate activists sign document to Joe Biden asking for urgent measures over climate change

climate-groups-in usa
Activists want President-elect Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency, among other actions. (Photo raken from RHC).

A major coalition of U.S. climate activists has sent President-elect Joe Biden a draft executive order providing a road map to tackle the climate crisis as soon as he takes office. 

Over 380 groups signed on to the order, which compels him to declare a national climate emergency, ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, charge the Environmental Protection Agency with enacting the Clean Air Act, among many other actions. 

Kassie Siegel from the Center for Biological Diversity said: “Our house is ablaze with a fire fanned by Trump for four years.  There’s no time to lose.  Biden must take bold action the moment he steps into the Oval Office, without punting to a dysfunctional Congress.”

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