Violent Clashes Continue in Bolivia, UN Calls for Dialogue

Clashes have led to the murder of three persons while hundreds have been reported injured

bolivian mayoress attacked by opposition
Opposition demonstrators attacked and poured red paint on Vinto Mayoress Patricia Arce. (Photo taken from
bolivian mayoress attacked by opposition
Opposition demonstrators attacked and poured red paint on Vinto Mayoress Patricia Arce. (Photo taken from

The United Nations in Bolivia Thursday condemned the murder of the young man, Limbert Guzman Vasquez, as well as the violence and inhuman treatment suffered by the Mayoress of Vinto municipality Patricia Arce during the demonstrations that took place in the central city of Cochabamba.

“The United Nations strongly condemns the death of a third victim of intolerance and violence that continues around the country, as well as the more than 300 people injured so far according to data from the Ombudsman’s Office,” the statement said. 

Violent clashes took place this Wednesday in the department of Cochabamba between groups that defend the electoral results of the Oct. 20 and those who demand the resignation of President Evo Morales. The clashes resulted in 89 injured people, the death of 20-year-old Guzman, and the kidnapping and aggression of Arce by an opposition group that also set the municipality building on fire. 

Guzman is the third victim of the political and social crisis that the country has been experiencing for 18 days. The other two deaths occurred in Montero, Santa Cruz, on Oct. 30, when Mario Salvatierra (55) and Marcelo Terrazas (41) died from gunshot wounds. 

“Nothing justifies the confrontation between Bolivians,” said the U.N., expressing its “deep consternation and indignation” at the high levels of violence recorded in different parts in the country.

The body also made a new call for dialogue to restore peace and asked politicians to lower tension levels, completely rejecting any type of violent demonstration that could endanger the integrity and life of people.

For his part, President Morales, through his Twitter account, expressed his regret for the young man’s death, the violence suffered by the Mayor and called for peace throughout the country. While the main electoral right-wing opponent Carlos Mesa asked to continue with the mobilizations that violently shook the capital, La Paz, on Thursday between miners and university students. 

In addition, tension increased Thursday in the capital with the arrival of the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee Luis Fernando Camacho to whom Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera accused of being one of those responsible for the violence generated in the country and to promote a coup d’etat.

Camacho is in La Paz with the aim of achieving the resignation of democratically elected President Morales.

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