Health Programs Get Monetary Donations from Local Workers in Sancti Spiritus

These donations were received from 2013 to last June and are allocated for cancer and mother-child programs

Enrique Ojito

A nurse looks after a baby in the neonatology ward in the provincial hospital of Sancti Spiritus
Part of the contribution is directed to the neonatology services. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

In a highly supportive and altruistic gesture, trade union members in Sancti Spiritus made a voluntary contribution of more than 113 000 Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) for the cancer and mother and child programs ruled by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health.

Arturo Martínez Hernández, from the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC, in Spanish) in this central Cuban territory said that part of this money (about 66 800 CUC) was earmarked for the cancer program, basically for the purchase of drugs such as cytostatic sera, and air-conditioners for the oncology and radiobiology wards. On the other hand, the mother and child 46 210 CUC allocation helped to buy medicine and spare parts for the neonatology service.

According to Martínez Hernández, this year the contribution of the labour unions in Sancti Spiritus amounts to almost 3 600 CUC.

In 1993, the workers at the Paradiso-Puntarena Hotel Complex in Varadero, decided to give a share of their tips to support the fight against oncological diseases, an initiative that was later on expanded to the rest of the country.

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