Cuba President Slams Mike Pompeo’s Statements

Miguel Díaz-Canel described the US Secretary of State as “ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution”

President Miguel Diaz-Canel described Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution” by proposing a negotiation that suggests treason and denial of the dignity of the people of the Greater Antilles.

In response to statements by the high official of the Trump administration, the president wrote on Twitter: Pompeo ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution proposes to negotiate a reconciliation in exchange for abandoning the course chosen by our people, suggests betraying friends and denying 60 years of dignity.

He concludes his message with the phrase “No, imperialist lords, we don’t understand each other”. Also in his Twitter account, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla considered Pompeo’s statements to be cynical, demagogic and lying, “He can no longer hide the true purposes of U.S. policy, which seeks to starve our people to provoke destabilization and regime change. An evident abyss between what they say and what they do,” added Rodríguez Parrilla.

In statements to a website that is contrary to the Cuban Revolution, Pompeo expressed that the island “is a great place, with great products” and that “tourism could flourish in Cuba” if the tensions between the two governments were to “relax”.

It would create enormous wealth and would undoubtedly also be great for the U.S., he said, and gives a version of the policies that the Trump administration is applying towards Cuba on human rights issues, the contacts between Havana and Washington, the strategy of his government, the supposed Cuban influence in Venezuela, the investigation into the health problems suffered by U.S. diplomats in Cuba and the initiative that asks for asylum to doctors who desert from missions abroad.

Cuba’s denunciations of the aggressiveness, interference, threats and persecution that this administration has deployed since the assumption of
power by Donald Trump, which practically eliminated or brought to a minimum the process of normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries initiated in Barack Obama’s administration, are reiterated.

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