Cuba President Leads Governmental Visit to Pinar del Rio Province

Díaz-Canel has been making this kind of visits to the Cuban provinces since he took office last year

DC in Pinar
Díaz-Canel paid a visit to a dairy products factory where he exchanged with the workers. (Photo: @PresidenciaCuba).
DC in Pinar
Díaz-Canel paid a visit to a dairy products factory where he exchanged with the workers. (Photo: @PresidenciaCuba).

President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez is heading a governmental visit to Pinar del Rio, the island’s westernmost province.

Following the purposes of this kind of visits that the Cuban leader has established since he took office last year, Diaz-Canel is touring production, education, and other services centers.

On Thursday night, he visited refurbished areas of downtown Pinar del Río city, associated to social and cultural projects.

“We are aware of all the problems that exist in the province……and we are here to see what can be done to overcome those problems,” he told a crowd that welcomed him on the street when he left one of the facilities.

In that sense, he considered that “there are many problems accumulated that cannot be solved all at once, but we can chip one of them away every day.”

Referring to the recent economic measures adopted by the Council of Ministers, he said that in the next few days more details will be provided on their scope and reach.

He stressed that “the salary increase will benefit, among others, health workers, teachers, community workers, all people who work in the budgeted state institutions.”

He clarified though that “it is not yet a salary reform, it will come later, but now what we have to do is to make sure that there are no price hikes, not in the state or in the private sector, so that this pay raise actually contributes to our people’s purchasing power.”

“We will continue to do things, but we need everybody’s contribution and support. The threats of the Empire will not deprive us of our sleep, on the contrary, we will continue working and we will go for more, “the Cuban president said.

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