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Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, denounced that the U.S. State Department is busy mobilizing efforts to economically attack Cuba

Bruno Rodríguez during the press conference held Thursday morning in Havana.
Bruno Rodríguez during the press conference held Thursday morning in Havana. (Photo: Cubeminrex).
Bruno Rodríguez during the press conference held Thursday morning in Havana.
Bruno Rodríguez during the press conference held Thursday morning in Havana. (Photo: Cubeminrex).

In a press conference held yesterday morning at the Foreign Ministry, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, noted that the day began with an announcement from the U.S. State Department that its list of sanctioned Cuban entities had been updated to include some 200 enterprises, including five new ones.

He recalled that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, this past April 17, said that what was begun in Playa Girón would be concluded and that the Monroe Doctrine was alive and well.

Rodríguez noted that Bolton chose Miami as the right location for such a statement, with a select audience composed of remnants of the dispersed, defeated 2506 Brigade that attempted to invade Cuba in 1961, saying, “This is the only audience that would applaud his words.”

He reported that a recently declassified document cited as an argument for additional sanctions on Cuba, the presence of Cuban military and intelligence services in Venezuela, “a vile slander that I once again deny,” Rodríguez said.

He reaffirmed that Cuba has no troops or military forces in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and that Bolton is a pathological liar, who accused the Cuban Foreign Minister himself of stating that there were 20,000 Cuban thugs in Venezuelan territory.

That same Department of State memorandum cites the alleged deployment of Cuban military forces on the Venezuelan border with Colombia, to carry out provocations, prompting Rodríguezto demand that the U.S. produce evidence of such a charge, although the most outrageous slander, he said, is that Cuban doctors go door to door distributing medicines and warning Venezuelan residents that if they do not vote for the Chavista government, they will be denied medical services.“Bolton lied about the role of Cuban doctors in Venezuela when he said that they traded medicine for votes in favor of Nicolás Maduro.”“I want to thank the many governments around the world who have spoken out against the measures announced by the U.S. government, especially the voices that have been raised in solidarity with Cuba within that country.”The new measures not only hurt the interests of the Cuban people, but also infringe on the freedom and the rights of U.S. citizens to send remittances to their relatives and friends in Cuba.”Cuba rejects the measures announced on April 17, and reiterates that the U.S. government, in the absence of arguments and good reason, resorts to lies, attempting to justify their actions, now more shamelessly than ever.

“The measures announced punish Cuban families, all without exception, and punish the families of residents in that country (…) Cuban families should not be held hostage by internal U.S. policy.”

“Cubans have confidence in the power of the truth, of law and justice

“Cuba reiterates its intention to base its relations on the principles of international law, mutual respect, and reciprocal benefit.”The Cuban Foreign Minister called on the international community to put an end to these irresponsible, absurd measures and to act before it is too late.“The U.S. government ignores the opinion of its citizens from various sectors interested in maintaining good relations between the two nations.”The U.S. accuses Cuba of violating human rights, of attacking its diplomats, of constituting a threat to its country, and of responding to the interests of other governments. “Cuba reciprocates the international community’s majority support with our medical collaboration, our broad diplomatic presence around the world, and by hosting a large number of embassies here.”

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