Chinese Tourist Agency Interested in Cuban Habano Cigars


Bellotour appeared in 2014, and recently opened an office in Havana. (Photo taken from PL).

Chinese tourist agency Bellotour is interested in a closer relation between Chinese leisure trips to Cuba and the enjoyment of cigars, said its president, Terry Jing

Jing participates in the XXI Habano Festival (February 18 to 22, at possibilities of increasing the arrival of travelers from its country, partthe Havana Convention Center) and exposes its interest in this Cuban product, and the traditions of the island.

Festival organizers acknowledged that one of the largest increases in cigar sales in the world occurred last year in China, up to 55 percent.

Jing has a Bellotour stand ( at the Festival’s trade fair, in which 79 foreign firms participate.

His travel agency appeared in 2014, and recently opened an office in this city, with good links with the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) of this country and other related agencies.

Among his plans, there is that to increase visits of tourists from his nation, and to disseminate the culture of habano cigars the best possible way.

At the Bellotour stand, there are both the Festival logo and the main cigar brands.

This demonstration, explains Jing in the sense of the use of computer technologies for its purpose of developing tourism and in particular to promote Cuban tobacco.

The festival is attended by two thousand 200 people from 70 countries, in addition to 200 journalists from 25 places.

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