Almost 5 400 Students Going to Medical Sciences University in Sancti Spiritus

Radio Sancti Spíritus

University of Medical Sciences, Sancti Spiritus
The University of Medical Sciences was inaugurated by Fidel Castro on July 27, 1986. (Photo: Vicente Brito)

En el nuevo año académico, la Spirit Medical University recibirá a más de 200 estudiantes de 19 países, con una mayor representatividad de Sudáfrica y el Congo.

Almost 5 400 students from different careers will attend the classrooms of the Medical Sciences University in Sancti Spíritus cuban central province, when on Monday, September 2, the 2019-2020 school year begins throughout Cuba.

According to Dr. Magaly Echemendía Marrero, rector of the house of high studies, the institution will assume around 4 400 students in Higher Education, and will also be responsible for technical-professional training and that of a skilled worker.

In the school period about to begin, he explained, 385 students will enter the first year of the medical career, the most historically incorporated; followed by the degree in Nursing with projection of enrollment of 140 young people, said the rector.

Higher Education includes seven other careers, including Clinical Bioanalysis, Rehabilitation and Health, Hygiene and Epidemiology, Medical Imaging and Radiophysics, Health Rehabilitation and Health Information System; the latter added since the previous course.

In the new academic year, the spirit medical university will host more than 200 students from 19 countries, with greater representativeness from South Africa and the Congo.

“That we serve as a stage in the training of these professionals is to correspond with the solidarity and humanist vocation of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, inspirer of that great project called the Latin American School of Medicine,” Echemendía Marrero finally said.

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