Adolescents’ Smoking Increasing in Sancti Spíritus

The growing trend of tobacco use in young people draws the attention of health authorities in Sancti Spiritus

In Sancti Spíritus, more than 240 500 smokers have been medically classified. (Photo: Arelys García).

More than 15 percent of smokers in Sancti Spíritus are adolescents and young people, and the trend is rising, said Yarelys Gómez Montané, in charge of the National Program for the Prevention and Control of Smoking in this province.

This has been demonstrated in recent investigations carried out by family doctors in different health areas, said Gómez Montané, who called to encourage the work with this population group in homes and educational centers.

In Sancti Spíritus, more than 240 500 smokers have been medically classified, a cause for concern if you take into account that smoking habit accounts for more than 30 percent of carcinogenic diseases.

Tobacco and lung health

At present moment, malignant tumors are the top cause of death in this territory, whereas lung cancer —increasingly common in young people— is considered as one of the most frequent.

Increasing health promotion and educating the population on smoking cessation and the right of non-smokers to enjoy a smoke-free environment are challenges for primary health care, added Gómez Montané.

Today, on the World No Tobacco Day, it is worth remembering that smoking causes 29 diseases, among these 10 are different types of cancer.

According to the World Health Organization by 2030, there will be more than 8 million deaths per year due to smoking.

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