A Nilgai Antelope is Born in Sancti Spíritus

Xiomara Alsina

first nilgai antelope born in sancti spiritus
The progress of the newborn antelope is satisfactory. (Photo: Courtesy of Flora and Fauna)

The event took place in the Jobo Rosado protected area, northern municipality of Yaguajay

For the first time ever, a nilgai antelope has been born in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, in the mini-zoo located in Jobo Rosado protected area.

As confirmed by Surely Pell Hernández, a conservation specialist in that center belonging to the Company for the Conservation of Flora and Fauna in the territory, the progress of the newborn antelope is satisfactory. It is being looked after by a team of veterinarians and other specialists in charge of supervising the correct management of the habitat where it is kept together with its parents.

In June 2018, the National Zoo donated a couple of nilgai antelopes to Sancti Spíritus so that this exotic species could be known in this territory and reproduced as well.

The antelopes are native to Africa, although they are also located in certain regions of Asia. They belong to the Bovidae family and adapt themselves easily to different environments.

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