Dams under Close Watch in Sancti Spiritus, Central Cuba

Jose Luis Camellon

zaza dam
Zaza Dam keeps 704 000 000m³, the 77 percent of water volume that it can store at the moment. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

In Sancti Spiritus close monitoring is maintained over the reservoirs given the location here of the Zaza dam, the largest in Cuba

The dams of the province of Sancti Spíritus have went up to the 79 percent of their storage capacity.  Given the location here of the Zaza Dam, Cuba’s largest, all of the water reservoirs are being closely monitored.

According to information provided to ACN by the Water Resources Provincial Delegation, the nine local reservoirs accumulate more than 946 000 000m³. Tuinucú, Siguaney, Higuanojo and Banao II reservoirs are running, while Zaza keeps 704 000 000m³, the 77 percent of the 920 million that can be stored according to the  hydrological precaution parameters.

Dams here received a major injection of water due to the passage last May of the Subtropical Storm Alberto, when all the dams exceeded their maximum fill volume.



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