Sancti Spiritus Media Workers Commemorate Cuban Press Day

Delia Proenza

cuba press day commemoration in sancti spiritus
Enrique Ojito was one of the most distinguished journalists in the provincial contests. (Photo: Reidel Gallo / Escambray).

Twenty six years after the foundation of the Patria newspaper by José Martí, media workers in Sancti Spíritus mark the commemoration

Inspired by the work and example of Cuban Apostle, José Martí, and the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, journalists of Sancti Spiritus celebrated the Cuban Press Day in a ceremony permeated by the idea that our major war must be won with thought.

The event took place at the Oscar Ferenández Morera Art Gallery where, on the occasion of the celebration, the provincial journalism awards Tomás Alvarez de los Ríos Life’s Work Award, and Honorio Muñoz, for the work of the year, were announced.



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