Sancti Spiritus Media Workers Mark Cuba Press Day


Cuban Press Day commemoration in Sancti Spiritus
Sancti Spiritus journalists paid tribute to the foundation of Patria Newspaper. (Photo: Reidel Gallo / Escambray).

Media workers from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus honored today the foundation of Patria Newspaper with the commemoration of the Cuban Press Day

Twenty six years after it was first released, Cuban journalists continue to consider Patria, a source of ethics and love.

Every day these men and women put all their energies into their revolutionary and consistent work with the same spirit that reigned in that pioneering newspaper, founded by José Martí, to unite “good and useful men of all backgrounds, who persist in the sacrifice of emancipation, or sincerely embark on it; to explain and determine the real and active forces of the country, and their sources of composition and decomposition, so that the knowledge of our shortcomings and errors, and of our risks, ensure the work for which the romantic and disorganized faith of our patriotism will not suffice; and to encourage and proclaim virtue wherever it is found. To gather together and love, and to live in the passion of truth, this newspaper is born.”

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