Special Education, Outstanding Achievement of Cuban Revolution (+photos)


Although special schools existed in Cuba before, it was not until January 4th, 1962, that special education was established as a system in the island

escambray today, special education day, disabled children
Children from the Abel Santamaría Cuadrado Special School, in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: A. del Valle)

Fifty-four years after their creation, special education programs show successful results in Sancti Spiritus, where nearly 15 special institutions exist to care for minors who are mentally retarded or those with retardation in their psychical development. These institutions are also attended by children with visual or ear impairment, language or behavioural disorders, and physical or motor limitations.

The system is supported by the Centers for Diagnosis and Orientation (CDO), where experts´criteria are brought into line for a more effective assistance to the patients. It is also via these professionals that due assistance is offered to ordinary school children whose pathologies or disorders can be solved in a relatively short period of time.

Unlike what’s generally believed, these schools, except the one for the mentally retarded, use the program implemented in general education institutions.






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