Sancti Spiritus Honors Ernesto Che Guevara (+photos)

Juan Antonio Borrego

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Planting cane stalks was the fundamental activity carried out this Sunday. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray)

Youth of Sancti Spiritus took part in a massive productive mobilization to pay tribute to Ernesto Guevara

A massive productive mobilization took place this Sunday in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, to honor Ernesto Guevara, regarded as the main promoter of voluntary work in the country following the Revolution of 1959.

Mercy Rodríguez Crespo, secretary general of the Cuban Workers Federation in the province, told Granma that in addition to commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Che’s death in Bolivia, also being celebrated are the anniversary of General Antonio Maceo’s birth; National Rebellion Day, July 26; and the World Festival of Youth to be held in October in the Russian city of Sochi.

José Ramón Monteagudo Ruiz, Central Committee member and first Party secretary in Sancti Spíritus, led the work at the El Meso basic unit of cooperative production which supplies the Uruguay sugar mill, in one the areas hit hard by drought, where a special effort is needed to plant cane for next year’s harvest.

Evaluating the impact of the mobilization, Elvis González Vasallo, director of the sugar enterprise in Sancti Spíritus, described as significant the work done in cane fields in several municipalities, with the exception of Yaguajay, where the focus was on vegetable farms.

The mobilization was convoked by the Party, with other organizations participating, and included work at cattle ranches, mills and industrial sites, as well as clean-up efforts in the cities of Sancti Spíritus and Trinidad.

Photos: Vicente Brito / Escambray.

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