Sancti Spiritus Holds New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Lisandra Gómez Guerra

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The actvities will feature performances by the best representatives of our cultural roots. (File photo: Osvaldo Gutiérrez).

A cultural gala will be held this Saturday night at the Teatro Principal of Sancti Spiritus to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and to bid farewell to a year of sacrifice and commitment.

Local residents and the top leaders of the Party and the government in the territory will be attending the show which will feature performances by the best representatives of our cultural roots.

But, this is not the only choice designed for these days of family celebration, because since last December 23 multiple proposals have been programmed, most of them especially dedicated to youth and children.

María Eugenia Gómez, deputy director of the Culture and Art Office in Sancti Spíritus, said that all of the cultural institutions have re-scheduled their hours until January 2nd.  According to her, there will be guided visits to the museums, recorded music areas and handicrafts sales in the boulevard, as well as activities in the House of Culture.  

“Since last Tuesday, people have been able to enjoy the programs offered at the Recreational-Cultural Complex of Los Olivos neighbourhood, the Pícaro Burlado Cafe on the Boulevard Street, the Miguel Companioni Trova House”, María Eugenia added.   

Next Saturday, the municipal concert bands of Yaguajay, Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad will give a concert at ten in the morning, while great dances have been announced all over the province for next January 1st.


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